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Hello, everybody! Welcome on our website. We are Group’n’Swing, a Hungarian group of musicians playing for fun, enjoying swing and boogie and spending time together. We give a lot of concerts all through the year.

Let’s not linger on our success story for long but a few things we are really proud of are really worth mentioning: our Fonogram (Hungarian Music Prize) Award, television performances (Ridikül, Szerencseszombat, Fábry show), our award-winning lyricists and a famous composer, Romhányi Áron (United), several press releases, radio talks and, of course, playing music.

We are particularly pleased that you do listen to our music, attend our concerts and party with us regardless of age, sex, family status, bringing cats and dogs, children, grandchildren, grandpas and grandmas along.

The year, 2018 marked a new beginning for us: a new year, a new CD and a new singer on the stage, Zoltán Mujahid.

We have started a magnificent year full of joy, humour and fun, surprises and action. Just sit back, relax and ‘taste’ us. You will feel that you are one of us. Let us take you on a frenetic journey to a place where you can find yourself and feel at home. Be one of those who will experience why swing has remained so popular for long, why it can still boast of a great number of fans and followers all over the world.

We’ll inform you about everything that is happening around us. Just keep on track, follow the rails and you will notice the stops where you can join the 1st class train of Group’n’Swing.

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